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Middle School / Secondary School

Middle School (collège)

After primary school, pupils progress to the second stage (collège).

The focus for these four years is on acquiring the knowledge, skills, values and conduct a pupil will need to successfully graduate from school, for his or her personal life and life as a future citizen

Sixth year: a year for consolidating students’ knowledge

At the start of their sixième year (age 11-12), special attention is paid to our students’ adaptation to secondary education.

The sixième year allows students to become accustomed to secondary-school life and organization, but also builds on what they learned in CM1 and CM2 classes.

The aim of the 6th year is to deepen the basic knowledge acquired at the first stage of primary school and to evoke students’ interest in the subjects and methods of the second stage.

Fifth, fourth and third year: three years devoted to deepening students‘ knowledge

The aim is to enable students to develop their knowledge of the individual subjects and in multidisciplinary programmes.

Particular attention is paid to developing a student orientation project as part of the Future (Avenir) programme.

An educational programme focused on health, as well as an artistic and cultural programme, and civic education, offer students a framework that will help them to build the necessary knowledge whilst acquiring a wide range of new knowledge and new technologies, including digital. An education in information technology adapts to the needs of each student and and reinforces knowledge acquisition

At the end of the 3ème /year 9 / pupils take a final exam to obtain the Diplôme National du Brevet

Secondary School (lycée)

The programme spans three years (Seconde, Première and Terminale). High school stage is the final stage of secondary school education which prepares students for university. 

All high school stage classes are certified by the French Ministry of Education and gradually prepare pupils for end-of-school exams. The baccalauréat is the main French school-leavers’ qualification recognized throughout the world by all universities and higher education establishments.

The Seconde: determining phase
The Seconde year is designed to support students to make a successful transition from the second stage (collège) to high school stage. It aims to provide students with the widest range of options when it comes to choosing a certain career or study path. It provides them with a common general education while also allowing them to discover new fields within literature, economics, natural sciences etc.

With the aim of helping students develop their own personal plans, the year also focuses more deeply on two main objectives: to introduce students to working life and navigating their way around this, plus familiarisation with university study options and prospects.

Starting in September 2022, students can follow the education offered in the British international section with a view to obtaining the French International Baccalauréat in 2025.

Première year
The Première year is designed to encourage students to specialise further, while continuing with a compulsory element of the curriculum in six subjects. 

The objective is to instil in our students a common culture whilst at the same time allowing them to draft their own plan for university level study. 

Aside from these common compulsory subjects, students also choose from three specialisations, on top of which they can add an optional subject.

The assessment process begins in the Première year which counts towards the school leaving results.

Terminale year
The Terminale is the final year of high school stage culminating in the final school-leaving exams (Baccalauréat) before they continue their studies at university. 

It continues to offer a shared foundation of six compulsory subjects and on top of this students choose from two specialisations, on top of which they can add a maximum of two optional subjects.

Ongoing evaluation towards school leaving exams (Baccalauréat) continues in the final Terminale year.