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Primary school

The first stage of primary school is for children from the age of six, and spans five years:  CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2. 

The main goal at this stage is to teach children basic skills, above all literacy and numeracy. That said, there is a still a strong focus on developing creativity through play during these years.  

The national curriculum stipulates the knowledge and skill requirement which are to be achieved and designs the curriculum for each year in such a way as to ensure pupils are able to gradually develop each area of their learning:  

  • mastery of language skills in French: spoken and written forms, reading, literature and studying of the French language (grammar, spelling, vocabulary, tenses); 
  • the humanities: living together, history, geography, learning a foreign language or the local language;
  • the sciences: mathematics, experimental science, technology and information technology; 
  • physical education and sport;
  • creative subjects: music, visual art;
  • civic education and “living together”.

Learning is led by a team of highly versatile teaching staff who offer support and assistance to all students, especially those who may be struggling. They are able to differentiate their approach to meet the individual needs of each student and to help each child reach their potential.

LFP offers language programmes in French, Czech and English taught by native speakers of the respective languages.

Language teaching programmes at LFP

The French Lycée in Prague offers several distinct language teaching programmes in French, Czech, and English, which are taught by native-speaker teachers of their own language.

Tuition is organised according to two types of study.

  • Study with a predominance of French and with tuition in Czech and English
  • Bilingual French-English study with an equal number of class hours in these languages and with tuition in the Czech language from the CP preparatory stage
  • International British section from the CM1 year.

The inclusion of a child into one of these types of study upon his/her commencement at LFP depends on the language profile of the family and the child’s abilities.