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School fees

The LFP has a pricing policy that meets the following objectives:

Balanced pricing:

our fees policy is based on the notion of a public service whose sole objective is not profit-oriented but aims to ensure the long-term quality of the education, training and educational services offered to students, as well as of the environment in which they evolve.

Competitive pricing:

reduced fees compared to other international schools, given our high standard of education and the wide range of services that are included.

Pricing that values pluriculturalism:

Czech bilingual curriculum at preferential rates.

Pricing to support large families:

a 5% reduction is applied from the second child registered.

A simple, complete and progressive pricing in schooling:

there are 3 categories of rates:

1. Tuition

• enrolment (1st year only) and tuition including
• the follow-up of the schooling (educational support whatever the options and specialties)
• supervision of students out of class, pupil support (school trips, support courses, exam preparation, careers advice, civic education, health …)
• the supply and use of equipment: computers, textbooks, sports …
• language certification

2. Exams

• entry to examination sessions in order to obtain end-of-cycle qualificationsl end-of-cycle diplomas

3. Optional

• catering, activities ofthe sports and cultural association, participation in educational projects outside school time: travel …

School year tuition: 2022-2023

A sibling discount of 5% is applied for the registration of 2nd child.