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Preschool is the first stage of the French education system intended for children from the age of three for a period of three school years. 

Our goal is to instil in young minds a thirst for learning and to provide a space for children’s personalities to flourish and grow.

This school period forms the educational and pedagogical foundations for learning which are gradually built upon in the course of their subsequent years at school.

Preeschool is characterised by three key points:

  • A school that adapts to small children
  • A school which teaches how to learn
  • A school where children work together and live together

In addition to a teacher, a specialist preschool assistant is also present in each class, helping the child form relationships with other children and adults. They work on developing motor skills and sensory emotional awareness, as well as developing relationships and reasoning: becoming a pupil and gradually being introduced to writing.

The development of speech and language skills is also an important goal.  The LFP offers a trilingual education in Czech, French and English  as early as preschool.