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The British International Section (SIB) at the French Lycée in Prague

The British International Section (SIB) at LFP

International sections are established to make available a bilingual and bicultural education which is put in place by the French ministry responsible for education, in co-operation with France’s partner countries. Their special quality is to incorporate into the French educational system a programme of education which relies not only on the language but also the culture and the educational priorities of the partner country. 

“The education offered by the international sections aims to facilitate the integration of foreign pupils into the French educational system, and to train French pupils in a thorough-going use of a foreign language, in particular by using that language in certain other school subjects.” (article D.421-132 of the Code of Education)

International sections exist at primary, middle-school and high-school levels, and in the network of French schools abroad.

Why join the International Section?

Having an excellent command of the language is a considerable advantage in applying for the best universities and higher-education facilities in France and abroad.

Joining the British International Section allows you to acquire an excellent level of English, but also to familiarise yourself with British culture through contact with native-speaker teachers via courses in the literature, history and geography of the country. 

Pupils in the international section enjoy especially the project work and the training they receive in the art of debating. They amply demonstrate the advantages gained by belonging to this section in terms of their critical sense and the communicative techniques that it allows them to develop. 

A gradual introduction at the LFP from CM1

A British International Section already exists at the French Lycée in Prague for pupils beginning in the CM1 year. It is currently in place as far as the troisième year (age 14-15). Pupils who are in their troisième year will therefore, for the first time this year, be able to take the international option in the National Brevet Diploma (2022). 

In CM1-CM2, pupils from the bilingual section will be able to join the British International Section. They follow the French syllabus common core for eighteen hours per week, and receive six hours per week in the language of the Section (three hours of English language and three hours of geography, science ….

From the sixième year to the troisième, pupils in the International Section take all the courses offered in the middle school with the other pupils. They receive six hours per week of supplementary lessons specific to the SIB:

  • four hours of British language and literature
  • two hours of British history and geography

Working towards the French International Baccalauréat in 2025

Following the approval of the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport, the International Section will be open to pupils in the seconde year (age 15-16) for the first time from September 2022. The timings of the subjects specific to the Section will be the same as for the middle school (four hours of language and literature and two hours of history-geography in the Section’s particular language). 

Pupils who have already followed the teaching in this Section as far as the troisième year will have priority in joining this Section. Other candidates who wish to join the SIB in their seconde year will be considered on the basis of their pre-existing school record and will be tested on their level of English. The decision as to whether the pupil joins the International Section in their seconde year will be taken by the school’s management. 

In 2023-2024, pupils belonging to the International Section in their seconde year will be able to join the “Preparation of the French International Baccalauréat” programme with a view to taking the BFI in 2025. 

Warning: the BFI is not to be confused with the IB (International Baccalaureat) which is a private qualification and is not administered by the French educational authorities.

How to join the BIS?

It is only possible to join the British International Section at the following levels:

entry at CM1: for pupils who have followed the bilingual course at CE2 level, or who have a good command of English (subject to evaluation by the teaching team and the school’s management).

Where to find further information on the International Sections: