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Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE)

An international network blending 73 different languages and cultures.

The AEFE is an agency of the French state set up in 1990 under the authority of the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs.

Its main task is to serve and contribute to the dissemination of the French language and culture and to provide school education for French and international pupils and students across the world.

The network comprises approximately 570 schools establishments in 138 countries which teach according to programme requirements as stipulated by the French Ministry of Education.

Such schools are approved by the French Ministry of National Education and Youth and adhere to the global principles of tolerance, humanity, equality of opportunity, curiosity, the development of critical thinking etc. offering uninterrupted education from preschool through to the secondary school in many countries around the world..

Being part of an international and dynamic network makes such schools attractive and welcoming, while providing a particularly enriching education.

Le lycée français de Prague se situe au sein de la Zone Europe Centrale et Orientale (ZECO).

The AEFE Central and Eastern Europe zone includes :

  • 14 countries (including 8 in the European Union)
  • 34 schools
  • over 16,000 pupils
  • 15 national languages
  • a strong historical and cultural influence

The ZECO is characterised by its great diversity, its linguistic, cultural and heritage wealth.
These characteristics are reflected in the schools, school populations and staff.

The ZECO is made up of 34 schools in 14 countries (Armenia – Austria – Azerbaijan – Czech Republic – Georgia – Germany – Hungary – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Russia – Slovakia – Switzerland – Ukraine) and offers teaching that meets the requirements of the French national education curriculum.

The IRF (Institut Régional de Formation) for this zone is based at the Lycée Français Jean Renoir in Munich.